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of Jobs 2024

Trends That Will Shape the Work of Tomorrow

Date: June 10, 2024

Time: 9:00 - 13:30 (EEST)

Location: Fantadroms, Gustava Zemgala gatve 74a, Riga

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The labour market has changed significantly in recent years, driven by advances in technology and artificial intelligence. Companies are regularly faced with the need to retrain existing employees and difficulties in attracting new, highly skilled workers. This year, the Future of Jobs 2024 conference will be held in Riga for the fourth time, in cooperation with prominent local and international employment experts. It is an important platform for private sector management teams, HR managers and other interestes parties to come together to learn about the latest trends, share experiences on current tools and solutions, and reflect on the challenges and future development of the Latvian labour market.


08:30 - 09:00
09:00 - 09:05
Welcoming remarks
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Zane Čulkstēna
Conference moderator
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09:05 - 09:40
A Human Capital Strategy For The Future, discussion
A. Čakša-foto.jpg
Anda Čakša
Minister for Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia
ViktorsValainis (1)black.jpg
Viktors Valainis
Minister for Economics of the Republic of Latvia
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Uldis Augulis
Minister of Welfare
Arvils Ašeradens
Minister for Finance of the Republic of Latvia
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09:40 - 10:00
Human Capital as a Factor Enhancing Economic Growth
Oļegs Krasnopjorovs.png
Oļegs Krasnopjorovs
Doctor of Economics, Chief Economist of the Monetary Policy Department at Bank of Latvia, Assistant Professor at the University of Latvia
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Parsla Basko-3.jpg
Pārsla Baško
Global HR Director at Printful
10:00 - 10:15
Unemployment Profile and Labour Reserves in Latvia: How can Employers Reach Them?
Evita Simsone.png
Evita Simsone
Director of State Employment Agency
10:15 - 10:45
Future-Proof Talent Development, discussion
Martin Gauss
CEO and Chairman of the Board at airBaltic
Elīna Branta.png
Elīna Branta
Member of the Board at Swisscom DevOps Center Latvia
Andris Bite
President of Employer’s Confederation of Latvia
10:45 - 11:00 Announcement
Liza Belozerova.png
Liza Belozerova
Head of Economic Opportunity at EMEA
11:00 - 11:30
11:30 - 11:35
Opening of the Second Part
11:35 - 11:50
What do Job Ads Tell About the Job Market in Latvia
Jonas Jokstys
Co-founder of WiseWorkStats and Imum
11:50 - 12:05
A Comprehensive Analysis of the Distance to Employment Predictive Model
Frederic Hamoir
Data Scientist at Le Forem
12:05 - 12:20
Future of Learning and Work
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Akanksha Kapoor
Strategic Government Partnerships Director at Coursera
12:20 - 12:50
The Role of AI in Upskilling and Reskilling, discussion
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Akanksha Kapoor
Strategic Government Partnerships Director at Coursera
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Anna Andersone
Chair of the Board at Riga TechGirls
Liza Belozerova.png
Liza Belozerova
Head of Economic Opportunity at EMEA
12:50 - 13:10
The Rise of Global Digital Jobs
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Elselot Hasselaar
Head of Work, Wages and Job Creation at World Economic Forum
13:10 - 13:15
Closing Remarks


Conference is organized by the State Employment Agency of Latvia as a part of ESF PLUS project "Strengthening the performance of the State Employment Agency" Nr.

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Register for the conference and uncover skills and jobs of the future together with us!

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